Yorkshire Appetite Goodie Box

You'll be reet chuffed with tha scran.

Would you like a unique experience delivered straight to your door? Look no further. Yorkshire Appetite Goodie Box is the premium subscription box you’ve been dreaming about. Browse our site to see all that we have to offer.


All About Yorkshire Appetite Goodie Box

Yorkshire Appetite Food Tours was started back in 2017 and has taken many happy visitors around Harrogate and York on a culinary and cultural journey.  Now Yorkshire Appetite is bringing you a box of Goodies each month - taste a selection of delicious products all made in God's own county of Yorkshire and brought to your doorstep for you to enjoy!


Our Process

We believe that great products shouldn’t be hard to find. At Yorkshire Appetite Goodie Box, we’ve searched the four corners of the county for fabulous products and there is so much out there!  We offer subscriptions of 3, 6 and 12 months or you can buy a box as a one off gift.  Have a look at our subscription plans below or choose a box above.


Our Subscription Plans

Choose how much deliciousness you want!

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£33 per month

3 month subscription

Choose this plan and receive a great Yorkshire Appetite Goodie Box each month for three months.  You will receive a savoury box, a sweet box and a mixed box. Includes a recipe and tales of Yorkshire.

Price includes UK P&P

£31 per month

6 month subscription

Eat like Yorkshire folk every month for 6 months.  Six boxes arriving on your doorstep filled with delicious Yorkshire goodies.  You will receivea savoury and a sweet box on alternate months.

Price includes  UK P&P

£29 per month

12 month subscription

A whole year receiving a gorgeous selection of Goodies produced by the wonderful artisan food producers of Yorkshire. You will receive a savoury and a sweet box on alternate months.

Price includes UK P&P


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